Aine Casey

Director & Senior Creative

I’m a multi award-winning Broadcast short-form Director.

I have 15 years experience directing, copy-writing and editing short form content for digital and on-air.

What drives me is telling stories that matter, presenting characters that have depth, and creating work that leaves lasting impressions.

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Aine Casey, Director & Senior Creative

“Aine Casey is a visionary artist, director and filmmaker. Aine commits fully to the stories she tells and does so with a powerful, understated assurance. There is a resonance and emotional truth that Aine brings to the for in her stories. Aine reveals the beautiful and nuanced in a way that extracts them seemingly without effort from the mundane. It is Aine’s talent and vision that gives a bold strength to all she creates. Aine edited a film we made called When The Kingdom Falls.”

Daniel Mulloy
‘Home’ Winner BAFTA Best Short Film 2017

Honors & Awards

Best Film £100K-500K –
Shortlisted – Kids’ Cookery School
Charity Film Awards 2019

Best Interactive Campaign –
Silver Award – Next Great Presenter
Promax Africa 2016

Best On-Air Ident Campaign – In House –
Nomination – Food Network Idents
Promax UK 2015

Best Editing –
Bronze World Medal – Crime & Justice
New York Film & TV Festival 2011

Best Editing –
Nomination – Crime & Justice
Promax World 2011

Total package Art Direction + Design
Bronze Award – Next Great Presenter Campaign
Promax BDA Global Excellence Awards 2016

Best Channel Image –
Bronze Award – Food Network Idents
Promax BDA Global Excellence Awards 2016

Best Ident –
Silver Award – Food Network Idents
Kinsale Shark Awards 2015

Best Direction –
Nomination – Don’t Miss Out
Promax Africa 2011

Best Entertainment / Comedy-
Nomination – Freaky Friday
Promax Europe 2010

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